Getting arrested is a stressful and life-changing experience. In most cases, the process is difficult to navigate, even for small charges. One of the most important parts of the process is bail. Bail is defined as the conditional release of an arrested person with the promise to appear in court later. In other words, bail is a payment that is made to the facility of an amount that is determined by a judge.

How Does a Judge Set Bail?

After a person is arrested, the judge will determine the bail amount. There are certain specific charges with minimum bail requirements, but the judge has the right to raise the minimum amount. The judge determines the amount of bail by assessing how likely a person is to show up in court and how much of a danger this person presents to others.

What Are the Conditions for Raising Bail?

A judge will never raise the bail amount without a specific reason. There has to be a certain change in circumstances, and the judge must state this change on record. Also, the defendant must be notified about the raise of the bail amount at least three hours before in order to get prepared.

The most common reasons for raising bail are the following:

  • Another more serious offense. Even if the bail amount was set for a misdemeanor charge, the amount of bail can still be increased. For example, if a defendant is facing a more serious offense than the original one, the bail amount will most likely be increased.
  • If injuries of the victim worsen. If the victim’s injuries related to the crime allegedly committed by the defendant get worse or become life-threatening, a judge has the right to increase bail.
  • High threat to the safety of others. If a judge thinks that the defendant is a threat to others, the public, or themselves, the bail amount may be increased. Also, if the decedent does not honor bail conditions, the judge can also increase the amount or deny bail altogether.

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