Want to Bond Someone Out Quickly?

Serving Arlington, TX & all of Tarrant County, Freedom Bail Bonds is the right place to call when your loved one needs to be bonded out. We can get you a fast jail release, and we are right across the street from the Arlington Jail for your convenience. Even if you aren’t sure you have the needed cash to bond someone out, give us a call or stop in and see us. We can talk with you about the amount of money needed to get the process started. Working with you through every part of the bonding procedure is what we do, and what you can expect and rely on.

Worried About Being Arrested Because of a Warrant?

It can be scary to have a warrant out for your arrest. You live in a state of anxiety, never sure when you might be arrested and jailed. Don’t keep putting yourself through that. We can arrange for you to have a walk-through bond. The process is easy. You surrender to the warrant, bond is posted, and then you can satisfy the bond because you’ve already made arrangements with us. You won’t have to go to jail, and can take a proactive stance to your legal situation. It’s preferable to being arrested, and reduces the anxiety you have over always wondering when you might be detained.

Not Sure About Getting Started?

It’s natural to feel a little intimidated by the bail bond process, but we are here to help. Give us a call first, and we’ll work with you through the process. We can be a liaison for you at the courthouse, and we also offer free information about bonds so you can more clearly understand what you need to do and what happens next. We will help you find out what the bond amount is, so your loved one doesn’t have to sit in jail any longer than necessary. With collateral or cash, we will post the complete bond to get your loved one released from jail.

Once the court’s requirements are met by your loved one you get your collateral back, or pay only 10% of the bond amount in cash. Each and every situation is a little bit different, but our team will be happy to review your particular concerns and make sure we give you the most help possible. You’ll feel better with someone on your side, and know that you have an advocate who will work with you to make sure your loved one is released quickly. Contact us today at Freedom Bail Bonds, and let us help you work through the bonding process without stress or worry.