What Should I Know Before I Contact a Bail Agent?

Bail is a strange concept. You pay the court to prove that you’ll show up at a later date. Regardless of how you feel about that system, it’s the way things work right now, and paying bail can be difficult. That’s why bail bonds exist. They can help you pay bail and get you or a loved one out of jail. But before you rush in and start signing paperwork, you should understand a few things about how bail bonds work.

You Are Getting a Loan

A bail bond is a loan. It has some features that make it different from a traditional loan, but you are ultimately borrowing money from the bond agent. What makes it feel different is that the court will refund the bail bond as long as the defendant makes their court date and goes through the process. If that doesn’t happen, you’re on the hook for the whole amount.

There Is a Fee

Bail bond companies are businesses, and they get their profit from bond fees. Rather than being charged interest over the duration of the loan you borrow, there is typically a flat fee for the bond. You will owe that fee regardless of what happens in court. The fees are based on the total amount of the loan. Knowing that, the fee is always going to be less than the total bail, and that’s why so many people choose this route.

You Are Taking Responsibility

When you pay bail, you are taking legal responsibility for ensuring the defendant makes their court appearances. If they don’t make it to court, you can be held accountable. That can come with fines and even legal punishment.

With a bail bond, you and the bond agent will be sharing that responsibility, and the bond agent will have the legal authority to pursue and detain the defendant to ensure they make it to court.

Bail Bond Agents Are Licensed

This business is carefully regulated. You have to be licensed to work as a bond agent. That affords consumers some protections, and it affords protection to the bond agents. The point is that you are not taking a back-alley loan from a mafia shark. This is a well-regulated business that is following legal procedure. Keep that in mind. While your bond agent is not your legal counsel, their advice is always worth hearing.

Now that you understand the nature of a bail bond, you can proceed as an informed person. If you need help posting bail, Freedom Bail Bonds can provide that help.